Introduction: Modern DIY LED Rings of Light

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Modern LED Segmented Rings Light

This Project was inspired by a light I saw on pinterest called rings of Saturn. I wanted to put my own twist on it by using segmentation. I have always been interested in wood segmentation and the projects that you can make with it. This project is inexpensive and requires very little tools. All your friends will be so impressed when you start making things using this new skill you are gonna learn here. One thing I want you to take away from this video is that you don't need to spend hours building a fancy jig for your table saw to do perfect segmentation projects and I am going to show you how right now. so lets get started.

Here is a link to the Rings of Saturn Light that inspired me.

Flexible LED Strips 5 Meter 300SMDs WhitePex Pipe Grey Twisted 18/2 Rayon Covered

Wood Stain, 32 oz, Carbon Gray Brass Plated Wood Screw Assortment, 500 Piece 8 Pcs Lights Suspension Installation Hardware Power Transformer coupling flashing constuction adhisabe 1x4 pine board 8 ft long

Digital Angle Finder Clamps Chop saw

Step 1: Materials Needed

Cut 1 ¼ inch off of the width of an 8 ft. 1x4 pine board you will need 4 boards. you can use what ever boards you like pine oak its your choice.

My boards came from an old pallet crate I found. But I did have to buy a few.

Step 2: Setup Saw

Next set up your chop saw to 11.5 degrees and place a stop
block at 8 inches from the left side of the blade.
I used this digital tool to set up my saw it makes things much easier and every cut will come out perfect.

I put a link to the tool in the intro and i found the cheapest source. I hope this helps

Step 3: Start Cutting Your Segments

Now make 32 cuts from the 1x4 boards for each ring you will
need 32 pieces 2 in wide and 16 pieces 1 ½ inch wide. Stack all of these on the same side and do not flip or turn them.

do not change your saw until you have cut all your parts or it will make gaps in your parts

Step 4: Cut All of Them to Length

Next place a stop block on the right side of the blade at 7

inches and cut all 48 pieces that you just cut on the opposite side. Stack them and do not flip them over.

Now mark all of the boards on the same side with a pencil mark so that you know which side is up.

Step 5: Time for Glue

Next you can start gluing them all together. Using a bungee cord

and some rope make a rubber band type clamp. Allow them all to dry for a few hrs then start the next one.

Next glue the inner ring to the bottom ring as the spacer.

I used water proof glue on this project to protect if from the weather i will be putting this out side

Step 6: Sand and Stain

Now its time to sand and stain the parts. Us 180 then 220 grit to make the wood nice and smooth. this will also make your stain more even.

I chose to use some out door stain and give it a coat of clear poly.

let it dry over night and use a ventilated area.

I put links to the materials in the intro that will have the cheapest prices and the exact materials that i used

Step 7: Add the PEX Water Pipe

Once you have sanded and stained all the parts you can get
your ¾ PEX water pipe and cut it to fit inside the ring.

Step 8: Add the LED Lights

I put the LED lights in the intro so you can get the same ones if you want.
Now insert your LED lights into the PEX piping. Next cut the LED to length.

Step 9: Attach the Top and Get Ready to Add the Inner Ring

After that you are ready to assemble the ring using screws of

your choice attach the top leaving the wires for the power out so that you can connect power.

Step 10: Add the Inner Ring of Flashing

Measure for the aluminum inner ring by placing the ring flat

on the table and run a sharp edge on it to create a mark.

Step 11: Cut the Flashing

Now score the metal using a utility knife several times. This

will allow it to break on the score.

Step 12: More Glue for Flashing

Now using some construction adhesive glue the metal on to

the ring and secure it with tape while it dries.

Step 13: Hanger Time

Now connect your cable hangers using some 1 in long aluminum


Step 14: Electrical

Now connect your electrical wire for power using solder and shrink wrap.

I put links to the wire in the intro.

Step 15: Now You Are Done.

You can find more projects like this on my other social media. thanks and I hope you all enjoyed this. it was a lot of fun to build and all your friends will be so impressed.