Introduction: Modification for a Weak Handle on an Electric Snowblower

I did not like the handle on this electric snowblower,

When i needed to scrape more snow on the side of the snow bank the handle would twist a lot,

So with a bottom part of a lawnmower handle, I re-enforce the snowblower handle,

Step 1: Bending and Frabricating 2 Plate

I use the bottom part of a electric lawnmower ,

I had to do a bend in it to clear to blue plastic holder,

It seem to long ans complicated to dismantle to put something to crew to on the machine for my new handle,

I drill holes on top aligned with the hole i needed,

Fabricated a flat rod whit a bend and a hole a the end, use a tap and die set to make the tread,

Finish by drilling the holes for the upper part of the handle..

Step 2: Tank's