Introduction: Modular Cardboard Creativity Boards

I've made these boards a couple of months ago. They are great fun and surprisingly strong. The give the chance to your children (and to yourself) to start playing in a creative way.

You need very little materials or skills to make these, everything can be made with a bread knife if you don't have acces to other tools.



-Honeycomb cardboard (I used plates that where already used before)

-Dubblesided velcro





-Drill with 30mm hole saw (optional)

-Jigsaw (optional)

Step 1: Making the Shapes

1. Decide what shapes you want to make. I choose 500 mm as a standard for the sides. If you base all your shapes on this size you will be able to connect all of them.

2. Cut you cardboard in squares of 500x500 mm (or other shapes if you want to). Use a jigsaw or a bread knife.

Step 2: Making the Holes

1. First we will make a template of the holes we have to make. This way it will be easier and faster to make consistent holes. You can download the file in A4 or draw the dimensions on a piece of paper or cardboard. Cut out the shape of the hole (paper or cardboard).

2. Draw the shapes of the holes on the cardboard pieces you have cut in the previous step.

3. Mark the centers of circels of the holes. Make little holes with the use of a awl or nail.

4. Use a hole saw to make the outlining of your holes.

5. Use a jigsaw to finish the holes.

Step 3: Taping Off the Sides

The cardboard can be peeled of, that's why I tapedd of the sides.

Take some tape and go around each piece. You can use different colors for different pieces.

Take tape that can go over the side, this is stronger. Make little cuts in the corners to flatten it more evenly.

If your tape is not wide enough, go around 2 times.

Step 4: Cutting the Velcro

For connection we use dubble sided velcro.

Cut the role of velcro in pieces of minimum 15 cm.

If you have different colors you can cut each color to a different size.

To attach 2 pieces together with velcro, folow the steps shown in the pictures and repeat for the second hole.

Step 5: Play and Be Creative

Get your kids, and play together.

Don't be afraid to add other things like blankets or rope.

Let the creativity flow.

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