Introduction: Suede Leather Saddle

After wrapping my handlebars in leather I wanted to have my saddle in the same material. I had a broken saddle that came with the bike so I started with it.

I used suede leather from an old jacket that I had laying around.



-Old saddle


-Plastic wrap foil

-Contact glue





-Sticker remover



Step 1: Removing the Old Leather

I started with removing the old leather as carefully as possible, trying not to damage the foam underneath.

I then proceeded to remove any glue remains with some sticker remover and a rag.

Step 2: Placing the Plastic Foil.

I placed a coat of plastic wrapping oil around the saddle for water protection.

I attached this in place with clothespins before gluing it in place with some superglue.

I finished with removing the exceeding foil with a scalpel.

Step 3: Cutting the Leather

1. I cut out a rough shape.

2. I placed it on the saddle with clothespins.

3. Tracing the outline in the leather.

4. Using a compass to make a 1 cm wide bleed.

5. Cutting out the final shape.

I thought I had cut off too much from the tip but it ended to be the perfect size.

Step 4: Glueing the Leather

I began with placing the leather on the saddle with clothespins to make sure it would fit. Part by part, I removed a few clothespins and applied contact glue on the leather and the plastic of the saddle. After 10 minutes I would attach it to each other and go the next part. Some parts will need an overlap, try to tighten it as much as possible.

At the tip, I had very much wrinkles at the bottom which you don't see from the top.

After the gluing was complete I sprayed leather protection on it an put it back on my bike.

ps: If anyone knows how to make suede leather water-repellent, let me know!

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