Introduction: Modular Vertical Garden.

The design is my own idea. It is the final and the simplest version, after many thinking and try.

This 5 pieces cost together, from new material, about 13 USD. 1 piece 2,6 USD.

It is very simple to make, go fast, strong, variable, high volume for soil.

Step 1: 10 Peaces in Corner.

To balcony, for herb, flowers and any plants.

A crate volume 15 cm x 15 cm x 100 cm. About with elongation 30 liter soil.

The crates can be lift with 2 men, and can be variable, full with plants too.

As you see, in my garden function as an 8 m long, 1,6 m high dividing wall surround the pool.

The rest irrigation water goes to the lower level.

Better to make 4-5 holes on the back sides, 5 cm from the bottom of the foil.

Step 2: This Is My Own Garden.

This year util this time are in the crates just Strawberry. In 50 crates are 250 Strawberry. I plan later i change in many crates to hanging flowers.

In the crates is an automatic drip system.

Step 3: Just This Material Need for a Crate Frame.

2 pcs 15 cm x 35 cm wood planks

2 pcs 100 cm slats (3 cm x 5 cm)

8 pcs screw nails (55 mm)

Thats all. Less can not be.

Better Handle the wood.

Step 4: Mounting

All cut must be Exact right angle !

You need to drill the location of the screws.

One crate frame can be done in a minute ! (Only screwing)

Step 5: Foiling

You can use any strong enough watertight foil.

As you see, it is easy to cover with the foil. With stapler or crew too.

You can use beautiful oilcloth too, but this not to strong for Stapler clip ! Must use Large head screw.

Thank you for watching.

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