Introduction: Pool Vacuum Cleaner Head - Like a Floor Drain

Dirt at the bottom of the pool is difficult or time-consuming or expensive to get out of the pool.
This simple tool is a great help to any pool owner, which actually simulates a floor squirrel. Through the floor drain, the settling dirt comes into the filter, but not on the inlet on the side wall.

The head of the vacuum cleaner should be as small as possible! Otherwise, the sand gets under the head but stops at the inner edge. The head cut off the edge of a big hole should be no more small! Small holes can be clogged with leaves. The hole size should be adjusted to the power of the pump to create a suitable vacuum that will secure the head to the bottom of the pool. If the hole is too large, you can reduce the size of an adhesive tape.

The operation is visible in the video.

Thank you for your attention.

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