Introduction: Stretch Film Greenhouse (Or Any Other House)

This project is my idea. I know many people use the Stretch Film for different things.

My added idea makes it quick to build. ( Will be described later. )

This greenhouse 3 m x 3 m about 2,5 m high.

The film is dual layer with 5 cm air gap.

1,5 Stretch Film was used. About 15 USD.

This building is too difficult with this many frame. Can be more easier less wooden material to make.

Step 1: Frames

Cutting the slats. Must be perfect right angles!

Step 2: Now Comes My Trick!

After, (best before) assembly of the frame, cover the slats separately with cheap clingfilm (28-30 cm wide).

As you see best is helical and tight. So minimum 2 layers are stacked

Ti this layer will stack the Stretch Film.

With this trick will be very easy to cover any frame form or material with Stretch Film.

Step 3: Cover My Hot Tub.

The top is 2,5 m x 2,5 m. First cover the lower side then the upper side. So the wind can't to start the film because its ends will be inside. This operation can you make with 2 people, because alone almost impossible.

The stretch Film 50 cm wide. The first row must cover the lath and press together with the another foil on the lath.

The second row should covert the first row 5-7 cm wide then press together the 2 layer.

The third row can't to reach with hand, therefore i used duster to press together the layers.

That was the lower side. Then turn the frame, and cover the upper side. Where required use transparent adhesive tape to fix the end of the stretch Film.

In the center of the top is a 5 cm pipe piece for the rainwater.

That operation was for us about 10 minutes.

After installing the top i covered the 3 sidewalls together just in 3 rows. From bottom to up, just 1 layer. (5 munutes.)

Cost of the Stretch Film about 2 USD.

This protect from wind an rain, and hold back the warm air in the tube.

Step 4: You Can Build ...

...any form as you want.

Step 5: Our Winter Garden

The last project is this winter garden. It was build 6 months ago, and still stay without any major damage.

4,5 x 2,5 m 16-1,8 m high. Two layer stretch film about 1 roll cost 5 USD.

As you see inside average 30 degrees more high temperature as outside. When the sun shines ! Without sun shines just 2-5 degrees more, in night same temperature as outside. So no function as real garden.

We was inside all winter.

Cheap, easy to make, easy to repair and the best advantage transparent.

Therefore comfortable to stay inside. No compare any other foil.

Whit my technique you can build any room or wall.

for example: garage, party tent, paint room, greenhouse, storage, dryer, seedling house.

But one thing i can't test yet, the big hail. I think big hail can damage the foil in one layer. If you want protect it against hail, then the roof must be from stronger material.stronger.

Thank you for watching.

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