Introduction: Molding Idols Using Silicone and Plaster of Paris

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Maybe you are not good at creating beautiful figures out of clay or chisel your way like Michelangelo. But you can definitely duplicate and modify an existing figurine . Who know - it might be even better than the real one ! Try this out . If you would rather watch a youtube video - here it is - link to youtube video

Step 1: Clean Your Figurine

Dust is a killer - you don't want all your work to go to dust . ( pardon the pun ) . Clean it up . Use soap if need be.

Step 2: Measure Up

Measure the boundaries of the enclosure. It will be necessary to have an exact fit. ( You will see the reason soon )

Step 3: Cut Cut Cut

Cut out the board in the right dimensions that you just measured.

About the board - The one I am using is called the PVC board. It has got a plastic-like coating on one side. It doesn't get damp when in contact with a liquid material.

Step 4: Size Up - Check If It Fits Tight

Just to double check the fit - place it around the figurine

Step 5: Glue the Enclosure

Once you have made sure the board fit in right, glue it up to the base . Use a glue gun.

Step 6: Pour the Silicone

Once the enclosure have been properly glued up , make sure its water tight .

Now pour the silicone rubber ( with the hardener mixed thoroughly) into the enclosure . The silicone should cover the whole of the figurine. Silicone is heavy - any holes or openings can let it go through and render your project useless ! Now you know why it should be water tight ...

Set this for around 3-4 hours . ( It depends on the room temperature and how much hardener you have used ) . See the instructions in your silicone rubber package.

Step 7: Cut Open the Mould

Once the silicone has set ( after around 4 hours ) , cut open the mold from the enclosure.

This might need some care , ( this is the most important stage ). Any damage to the silicone mold - and all the rest of the casting will turn out bad.

Step 8: Pour in Plaster of Paris

And now ... The real duplication step.

Add plaster of paris ( 1:1 water to POP ratio by volume ) in the mold . This will have to wait for around 8-10 hours. Some POP ( Plaster of Paris ) variants harden quicker.

Step 9: Voila - the Cast Is Ready

Once the cast has solidified, slowly pull it out of the mold . Extra care if it is still humid. You might want to keep it to dry for a few hours ( I used the oven - Its faster and gives a crisp brittle bone dry feel )

Step 10: Paint and Add Some Gloss

Now is the fun part . Relax and pour in your imagination. Paint on it .

Once done, add a coating of clear acrylic onto the final piece. I used the acrylic spray. Its much easier that the liquid acrylic paints. Two coatings will give a good finish.

Step 11: And That's It !

You are done once the acrylic sets . ( it usually takes around 15-20 minutes ) .

And this is how the final product looks like !