Introduction: Resin Casted Socrates Bust From a Fridge Magnet

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This is a quick experiment on making a glowing resin casted Socrates Bust .

If you Prefer watching a short video instead of having to go through the 15 odd steps ... I have added a youtube link of the same.

Step 1: Get Your Original Cast and a Container

Step 2: Fix It Firmly Into the Base of the Container

Step 3: Pour Liquid Silicon ( RTV) on the Cast

Step 4: Let It Cure for Around 1-2 Hours ( Based on the Strength of the Hardener for Liquid Silicon)

Step 5: Using an Exacto Knife, Remove the Silicon From the Container

Step 6: Take the Cast Out of the Silicon

Step 7: Measure and Mix the Resin and Hardener

The ratio of the resin and the hardener will depend on the type of resin. The instructions will be written on the package.

Make sure to stir well to distribute the hardener evenly.

Step 8: Pour the Mixture Into the Mould You Just Made.

Let it cure for around 1-2 hours ( depending on the amount of hardener you added )

Step 9: Smoothen Up the Edges

Using a rotarty tool, smoothen up the edges of the solid resin.

You can use a buffing tool to make a good glossy finish at the back of the bust.

Step 10: Put Some Light !

You can use a small colored LED at the bottom or use your cellphone flash light to illuminate from the bottom.

In a dark room, this looks magnificent ( or creepy,maybe :) )

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