Introduction: Molecular Jewelry

This project is ideal for science lovers!

If you want to learn how to print your favorite molecule with a 3D printer, and turn it into nice earrings or a cute necklace, just follow this tutorial.

Step 1: Materials

- Computer

- 3D printer

- Chain

- Glue

- Small silver rings

- Earring posts

Step 2: Create the File

  1. Search for a molecule in SMILES language. You can find it in Wikipedia. Search the molecule name, and in the information column, in "Chemical and physical data" you can copy the SMILES code.
  2. Go to , paste the code and check the options: MOL (ony single structure generated), Aromatic, 3D .Then click Translate.
  3. In the next screen click Click here! . A very large code will appear. Click the mouse right button, select Save as... and eliminate the extension .txt
  4. Go to , log in, or sign up, and follow the next steps: go to create, small molecules, general information and name your molecule, upload your file(s) and select your .mol file. Then accept the licensing and terms, and click SUBMIT. Finally publish it and you are able to download the file -bas.stl .
  5. The next step can change depending in the 3D printer. In my case I had to upload the file to the program Cura Ultimaker and save my fales in CNC language. Then it was ready to print.

Step 3: Print Your Molecule

If you don't have a 3D printer, don't worry! In my case, I didn't have one at home, so I went to a local shop, specialized in 3D printing, and they printed my design.

If you have one at home, it will be easier for you.

You can print it in the size you prefer.

Step 4: Transform It Into Jewelry

Once you have your printed molecules, you are ready to transform them into jewelry!

For the earrings:

Choose two small molecules and glue the back of them into a earring post.

For the necklace:

Create two loops with the chain around two "molecular bonds" and close them with the small silver rings.

Enjoy it!

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