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I don't watch too much TV.

It took me 3 years, until I started watching Money Heist (La Casa de Papel) TV Show.

I found the time only during the Corona virus lock-down, but when I started... I couldn't stop watching. I watched the 2 seasons (4 parts) of Money Heist, in about 10 days...

In season 2, the robbers try to steal 90 tons of gold bars from the Bank of Spain.

So, this great series and gold robbery scene inspired me to make this 'Faked DIY Gold Bar' project and video.

I decided to start this project's video a bit different from other video I made,

so it starts with a short preface of my own DIY 'Money Heist' scene. Maybe a trailer to the next season?? (-:

This is definitely the most fun video I ever got to make and edit.

What do you think?

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Thank you!



  • Wood (9*9cm profile)
  • Primer Spray
  • Gold Spray
  • Wood filler
  • Alcohol pads

General List of tools I'm using -

Tools in this Instructable:

  • Saw (Sliding saw or another)
  • Safety equipment
  • Measurement tape
  • Pencil
  • Dremel
  • Curving bit
  • Dremel Rotary Tool Plunge Router Attachment -
  • Sander / Sanding paper -
  • Printer

Step 1: The Video - My Own Money Heist Scene & Project :)

Watch the full video

Step 2: Safety

As always, I use the relevant safety equipment while working with the saw: Safety glasses, Mask, Hearing Protection etc.

Step 3: The Material

This is the pine wood, 9x9cm profile I used for making the faked gold bar.

You can use another size, depending on the final size of the gold bar you want to make.

Step 4: Initial Measurements

The final dimensions of the gold bar I made are:

H:5cm, W:17cm, D:8cm.

So, I started by marking 5cm height and 17cm width on the wooden block.

Step 5: Straight Cutting - Sides

I started with the straight cutting first.

I cut both sides of the block in order to have cleaner edges, with final width of 17cm.

Note: while working I removed the Dali mask, for full safety :)

Step 6: Straight Cutting - Lengthwise

Later, I cut the block in the 5cm height, I marked before.

Step 7: Preparing the Saw to Bevel Cutting

In order to cut the wood in vertical 15 degrees angle, I set the sliding miter saw to 15 degrees bevel cut.

Step 8: Bevel Cutting - Lengthwise

I cut the wood lengthwise, in 15 degrees.

The wood was holded with a clamp, and I put another piece of wood along the saw fence, for better safety, since the piece I cut was small.

Step 9: Bevel Cutting - Sides

Later, I cut the wood sides, in 15 degrees.

Step 10: The Gold Bar Shape Is Ready

This is the shape, after all angled cuts.

Step 11: Sanding

A gold bar usually doesn't have sharpen edges, so I sanded the surfaces and edges to be a bit rounded.

Step 12: The Sanded Shape

Step 13: Transfering Gold Bar Text to the Wood

I prepared and printed a common gold bars text and transferred it to the wood. Note that you should flip the text/image before printing, as in the image example I added.

The transfer doesn't have to be perfect, since the purpose is to engrave it on the wood (later steps).

So, in this case, I took some alcohol pads, and put them over the paper until it was wet and the text was transferred satisfactorily.

Step 14: The Transferred Text

The result of the text transfer.

Step 15: Another Method to Transfer Text to Wood

There are other ways to transfer photo / text / logo onto wood, which are more accurate, but takes more time.

If you didn't succeed with the alcohol pads, you can try the method I'm using in this video - using 'Foto Transfer Potch'.

Step 16: Engraving the Text

So, I have a dremel 4000 for a while, but I never used it for engraving.

I bought this Dremel 'Rotary Tool Plunge Router Attachment' lately, so I decided to try to use it for engraving the text easier.

I had some dremel bits. I tried some of them, and selected the one that gave the best results, but I'm sure that there are better ones for this purpose.

Step 17: The Engraved Text

The text didn't came out so good, but I was satisfied for my first time engraving :)

What do you think? Any tips are welcome.

Step 18: Filling Holes & Sanding

The wood block had some holes and cracks.

I filled them with a wood filler and sanded it after drying.

Step 19: Painting With Primer

So, the gold bar is ready for painting.

I hesitated if I should paint with the gold color directly, or use a primer color first.

I decided to start with a primer and used a primer 123 spray.

I think it gave a good result and nicer texture to the gold bar.

Step 20: Painted With Primer

Step 21: Fine Sanding

I had some sanding paper with 2000 grit.

I sanded the dried primer color gently to have a smoother surface.

Step 22: Final Painting

Finally, I painted the gold bar with 'Metallic finish' gold spray of Rust Oleum.

Step 23: Painted With Gold

The golden color came out pretty good.

I the different photos I put here, the golden color looks different, on different lightings.

Step 24: The Result

What do you think of the result?

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