Monster Tail Fishtail Bracelet

Introduction: Monster Tail Fishtail Bracelet

I'm going to show you how to make a fishtail bracelet using a monstertail loom.

Step 1: Materials

You'll need at least many bands of one color (I'm using four colors), a loom hook, a monstertail loom (your can use two fingers), and a c or s clip.

Step 2: Looming

Twist a band once and out it on your monster tail loom. (or you can use your fingers for this it only requires two pegs). then add two more like in the picture. then with your hook, grab the bottom band (the twisted one) and bring it up and over the other bands and the peg. do the same to the Anne bans in the other side. add another band and take the bottom band and bring it up and over the top two bands and over the peg. do the same with the same band in the other side. keep doing this until you've reached your desired length.

Step 3: Finishing Up

when you have the length your want, take the bottom band and bring it up and over the others and onto the middle.. do this until there is just one band left on the loom. then take the remaining band and it onto your hook like in the picture. then simply add your hook.

Step 4: DONE! Hope You've Enjoyed This Instructable and How It Was Easy to Follow. Please Leave Comments and Suggestions. Thank You.

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    Awesome bracelet, I love the color choices you made, reminds me of a dragon. Thanks for sharing!


    Reply 8 years ago

    Ty MS. did you makes it? can I see?