Introduction: Monthly Update: July (New Guns and Contests)

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So my last gun was posted months ago. In the past months, I haven't been dozing off. I made maybe two dozen new guns. There will soon appear an I'ble with most of my failed and/or old projects. Including new concepts, variations on other concepts, new guns and I'm currently making a K'nex gunner box with everything you need as a K'nex gunner. I"m also thinking of making an amusement game with slots or something else. 

Anyways, Here is the monthly update July:

Knexgurl's birthday was this month. HOORAY
KGB got his 250th subscriber this month.
Most guns made in July were old mechs in a new case. Except for Senior Waffleman and the other participants of Oblivitus' and Thedunkis' K'nex Innovation Contest. They made FMG9's and other innovative cool things. Keep up the good work guys!
Dr Richtofen posted more models, they look great Dr but why not make a shooting gun once?
I'blers have a lot more time to post cool stuff these days because it's summer vacation. Enjoy the sun and be sure not to burn.

K'nexers of the month:

1: Blackshadow12
2: K'nexgurl

For the awesome guns they made this month!

I'm holding a little vacation contest. I'm sure you also have too much free time sometimes.  Stop eating icecream and take a sprint to your K'nex because I'm holding a K'nex Pinball Contest
Make your own K'nex pinball machine with different paths and stuff. 
Post a picture of it in the comments and I"ll add you to my participants of the contest.
The first price is a subscribe and the first pictures of my new gun in a PM.

Now run to your room and get building (don't forget to open the window)