Introduction: Moon Flower: Guardian Fairy #1

This sculpture is of a mystical enchantress. She is the guardian of the enchanted moon flower. She guards with a staff made of enchanted wood. She is one of many guardian fairies that I will be posting.

I hope you enjoy sculpting her!


- Sculpting tools

- Sculpting clay in four colors: Light and dark purple, brown and flesh colored

Step 1: Sculpt Her Head and Neck

  1. Take a piece of flesh colored clay about the size of the top of your pinky.
  2. Roll it into an egg shape.
  3. Use your thumb to shape her chin.
  4. Shape a piece of flesh colored clay into a small cylinder as her neck, and attach it to the back of her head

Step 2: Sculpt Her Chest, Torso and Dress Body

  1. Use flesh colored clay to shape her shoulders and chest
  2. Take a piece of purple clay and form an hourglass body shape
  3. Attach the head and neck to the shoulders and chest
  4. Attach to the dress body

Step 3: Finish Her Gown

  1. Continue her gown with the same purple clay
  2. Take a small ball of clay, and mold the clay around the waist of the dress and smooth it down into her skirt

Step 4: Sculpt Her Hair

  1. Roll out 12 brown strands of hair
  2. Attach each piece of hair to her head one at a time
  3. Carefully divide the strands into three equal groups
  4. Braid the strands over her shoulder

Step 5: Add Flowers to Her Hair

  1. Sculpt the tiny flowers out of light and dark purple- the flowers should be tiny and delicate against her hair
  2. The petals are dark purple
  3. The center of the flower is light purple

Step 6: Make Her Staff

  1. Roll two equal length pieces of brown clay to make her staff
  2. Twist the two pieces together leaving about 1/2 inch of each side to rest the gem in
  3. Gently roll the staff on a smooth surface until the design looks smoother, but still twisted
  4. Marble the gem out of light and dark purple clay and place it in the center of the end of the staff
  5. Twist the two pieces over the gem

Step 7: Bake Your Sculpture

  1. Preheat oven to 275 degrees
  2. Bake the staff first for 15 minutes. You want to bake it first, so that it will hold its shape when you bake the rest of the sculpture. Let it cool completely.
  3. Place the staff in her hand before you bake the enchantress
  4. Bake her for 15 minutes
  5. Be careful when you remove her. They are very delicate before they have cooled.

Step 8:

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