Introduction: More Than 21 Uses of Plastic Jars

Plastic jars are everywhere, you can find them at home if you buy many things, if you buy crackers, biscuits, nuts, coffee mate, rice, molasses, honey, and lots of things you cannot count.

instead of throwing them away you can reuse them for organizing your home and keep the environment clean.

following are some ideas for the long list of uses you can imagine:

Step 1: 5 Uses for Kids

you can use plastic jars to:

  1. keep small toys organized,
  2. pens,
  3. pencils,
  4. stationery,
  5. or you ca make the jar as a toy for your baby to master in and out skills, or put alphabet inside and let your toddler get out one by one to learn them

Step 2: 2 Uses for Personal Stuff:

you can use plastic jars and boxes to organize your wardrobe:

  1. hair ties
  2. makeup

Step 3: 6 Uses for Kitchen:

you can use plastic jars and boxes to organize your kitchen:

  1. store rice
  2. store beans
  3. store herbs
  4. store biscuit shapes cutters
  5. store powdered milk in airtight jar
  6. store food in freezer in plastic box

but once you deal with food, you need to check first that the plastic jar holds the number 5 or marked with PP, in order to be safe.

Step 4: 6 Uses for Hobbies:

you can organize your favorable stuff like:

  1. electronics
  2. needles and threads
  3. pins
  4. drawing brushes and pencils
  5. small devices like mp3 players
  6. you can put yarn and make a hole in the lid to make the thread go out without the yarn running everywhere on the floor

Step 5: 1 Use for Money:

you can make a cut in the lid so it will be suitable for money saving for you and your kids.

Step 6: 1 Creative Idea:

if you got a plastic jar like this one, you can use it to put something you need to organize its flow like washing machine detergent.

finally if you are interested in recycling and organizing, these books will be helpful for you and your kids:

Recycling Is Fun (My Little Planet)

Curious George Discovers Recycling (science storybook)

Zero Waste Home: The Ultimate Guide to Simplifying Your Life by Reducing Your Waste

Trash To Cash: How to make profits from recycling

GREEN with ENVY: Recipes for Homemade Personal Care and Cleaning Products

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