Easy Corn Flakes Dessert




Introduction: Easy Corn Flakes Dessert

This morning i desired to have something sweet, so i went to my kitchen, opened up drawers, and came up with this simple and easy idea in minutes, from stuff already in my kitchen.

you just need for 4 persons:

Corn Flakes

1 table spoon butter

100 ml water

45 gram sugar

whipped cream

2 table spoons nesquik coca powder

Step 1: First Layer

we will make toffee caramel and put cereals into it:

add cold water to cream powder in the mixer as described in the cream package to get ready,

in a bowl put sugar and water on fire till it became caramel brown then add butter immediately before it burns,

then add 4 table spoons of the cream you made,

now you have toffee, add cereals to it and mix well out of fire.

put them in cups.

Step 2: Top Layer

bring the remaining cream and add 2 table spoons of Nesquik and mix well,

add to the cups, then decorate with little Nesquik.

serve and it will turn into empty cups in seconds!

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    5 years ago

    Quick and easy treat. Thank you.