Introduction: CD Solar Curtain

let us invite the sun and its warmth to our home using old useless CDs, all materials are already trash in my home, i did buy nothing

bring only:

  1. 30 CDs or as you like
  2. yarn
  3. screw
  4. pliers
  5. 1 mm copper wire

Step 1: Dig Holes

hold the screw with pliers to save your hand from the heat

put the screw in the flame to be hot, then dig 4 holes in the four directions in each CD

Step 2: Attach

with the yarn attach the CDs together to be 3 columns of 10 CDs each

then attach the neighboring CDs

Step 3: Hanging

now prepare the wires.

put one end through the upper hole of CD column, and the other to be in "n" shape to be hanged

hang it to the door and wait for the sun and the fun!

Step 4: Show Time

just open your window in a sunny day, you can move it so light moves around the room, kids like it alot

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