Introduction: Morse Code Jewelry Set

Have you ever wanted to send someone a message in a secret code that no one else can read, or say anything you want in a special encryption? With this Morse Code Jewelry Set you can. In just a few steps you can learn how to send a message to someone that they can wear everywhere.

Step 1: Measuring the Necklace

To measure the necklace you need to take the wire or embroidery thread around your neck to your desired length. To ensure that the necklace will be the length that you want you need to cut it 3-4 inches longer than desired. This will make sure that when you add your clasps you have extra length to fold over the material.

Step 2: Tools and Supplies

This craft doesn't consist of a lot of supplies or tools! Most of these things you can probably find lying around your house. Here is a full list of things that you will need:

- Jewelry Pliers

- 3 different colors of beads (one for dots, one for dashes, and one for spaces)

- Crimp Beads

- Clasp Sets

- Wire or Embroidery Thread

Pro Tip: If you are going to make a necklace or bracelet with multiple words you will need 4 different colors of beads, using the extra one as a spacer between words.

Step 3: Adding the Clasp to the Necklace

Before we start adding the beads we need to add the clasp. We are only going to be adding one part of the clasp so the beads can still be put on. To do this step you will need jewelry pliers, 1 part of the clasp set, crimp beads, and your wire or embroidery thread.

The first step is to make a loop with your wire or embroidery thread. Slide 1 part of the clasp onto this loop. Then from the other side of the wire or embroidery thread, slide on a crimp bead.

Once the crimp bead is on the piece of desired material, use jewelry pliers to squeeze the crimp bead onto the piece of wire or thread. If the clasp piece is coming off of the thread or wire, use the jewelry pliers to squeeze it together to remove the gap.

Once half of the clasp is on the thread or wire, you can start threading on your beads and making your secret message!

Step 4: Threading the Beads

To thread the beads onto your wire or thread, you will need to slide the beads down the material. The first bead you are going to want to add is your spacer bead, this will give your necklace a nice start and finish.

To add the other beads to create your morse code message, you are going to want to use one of your beads for dashes and one for dots. For example, the first letter for my necklace is a G, which consists of two dashes and one dot. So I put two black beads (or the color of your choice) to represent the dashes, and one yellow bead (or color of your choice) to represent the dot. Once those beads were on I put another spacer bead on, to separate the letters.

Keep adding your beads onto the desired material until your word is done. Then add another spacer bead to finish it off. If you have multiple words that you would like to put on you necklace then you will need four different color beads. The fourth color bead will be used to space out each word, use 3 to 5 of these beads to space out each word.

When you are done with threading all of your beads onto the necklace then you need to add the second half of the clasp onto the end of the necklace. Add a crimp bead onto the base of the necklace then squeeze the bead with the jewelry pliers to keep it in place.

Step 5: Making the Bracelet

To start the bracelet you will need to measure some wire to fit your wrist, this will be the base of the bracelet. Add one half of the clasp to the end of the wire just like you did the necklace. Add one crimp bead to the edge of the wire where the clasp half is and squeeze it down onto the wire to hold it in place.

Add one spacer bead onto the end of the wire then start adding the color coded beads onto the bracelet. With my bracelet the first letter is an R that consists of a dot, a dash, and another dot. This means that I would put a yellow bead (or your choice of color) to represent the dot, a black bead (or your choice of color) to represent the dash, and then another yellow bead. Then adding another spacer bead onto the wire to separate each word.

When your secret message is complete you need to add the other half of the clasp set onto the other side. Add your crimp bead bead to the edge of the bracelet base next to the clasp and squeeze down with the jewelry pliers.

Step 6: Presenting

Once you have your necklace and bracelet all finished you can give them to the person of choice, or wear them for yourself. Now you can have a jewelry set that says something in a special encryption, that you can show off to all you friends and family.

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