Introduction: Mouth Wash Bird Bath

It just came to me I don’t know how it just did and here I am making this.z


Tough string
Paint brush
Mouthwash container
Hot glue

Step 1:

First what you’re gonna do is cut out a little bit of the mouthwash container

Step 2:

The next step you were going to cut out some cardboard and paint whatever designs you want on them.

Step 3:

Your next step is going to be hot gluing your cardboard pieces onto the sides.

Step 4:

Can you add little holes at the top and bottom of the mouthwash container.

Step 5:

Then at some string in the holes that you just made.

Step 6:

Now this step is optional I added a little hole in the so when the water got to a certain point it would start to come out so it wouldn’t get too full

Step 7:

Step 8:

Than you put some water in it and you’re done.