Introduction: Pill Bottle Earrings

I made pill bottle earrings because my little sister’s half birthday is coming up and on that day she gets to change them out with new ones so I tried it I don’t know if it work but it.


1 pill bottle
Earring hooks

Step 1:

Turn your oven on and set it to 350 degrees. Put your pill bottle on baking tray make sure you put parchment paper and once you do that you want to go get ahead and put your bottle in the oven so it can start warming up.

Step 2:

Once it’s nice and melted take it out and let it dry this only takes a few minutes but be careful it could still be hot.

Step 3:

Next you cut the plastic in half using a saw or any tools like that. Once you did that, drill a hole at the top in one of the corners

Step 4:

In the little holes at the top at some string and your earring hooks

Step 5:

Yay you have new fashionable recycled earrings good job! ☺️
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