Introduction: Moving Sirius Black Wanted Poster (Harry Potter)

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I'm a huge fan of Harry Potter Universe (as you might tell with my other instructables), I wanted to add this prop to my collection for a long time. Some day, I had few hours free so I decide to begin this project. It turns out really cool and It didn't cost me a lot because I already had a Digital Frame. Also, It is difficult to see the real image quality with the video but the result IRL (in real life) is amazing. The screen on the video looks bluish...

What you will need :

  • 12" x 18" Frame (you can use other dimensions) (generally comes with MDF)
  • A Printer
  • X-acto or other cutting tool
  • Digital Picture Frame (that can read videos with USB or SD card)
  • Spray glue

Step 1: Open the Digital Picture Frame

We want the electronics behind the frame to be as tiny as possible because the frame is not thick. So we must disassemble the Digital Frame. Each one is different, in my case I had to insert a screwdriver on the sides and remove the back part. Then, I unscrew the motherboard from the back panel. Be sure to check if it's still working after!

Step 2: Print the Poster Image

I printed a draft of the poster to see if the Sirius mugshot part fits my frame. When everything was scaled correctly I send it at Walmart to print in higher quality and in 12" x 18". You can also print it at home if you have a good quality printer. After the print, I juts cut the part where the frame will be.

Step 3: Cut Into the MDF

Place your printed/cuted poster on the MDF and trace around the square hole. Cut the MDF using cutters or other cutting tools. The square hole on the MDF must fit the LCD screen of the Digital Picture Frame! So, the square hole on the poster must be smaller than the MDF square hole.

The image just show the cutting before I finish.

Step 4: Glue the Poster to the MDF

I don't have pictures for this step but it is really easy. Spray your MDF with glue spray and apply your poster, aligning the square holes.

Step 5: Mount the Motherboard to the Screen

I mount the motherboard to the back of the screen because it would be easier in case I had to do some modifications on it. I used glue to attach it to the back of the panel.

Step 6: Create the Video

I searched on youtube some videos of Sirius mugshot but I only find one "OK quality" video. I used Camtasia Studio to add sound to the video and rotate it. I had to rotate it because my digital frame is placed in a 90 degree angle in the real frame. Then I transfer the final video to a SD card and insert it to the motherboard.

Step 7: Assemble Everything

I put the poster/MDF in the frame and I tape everything in the back just to be sure that nothing will fall. I have a remote for the Digital Frame so I can control it remotly.

Step 8: Final Result (video)

An easy DIY project for everyone who likes Harry Potter. It didn't cost me a lot (because I re-used an old Digital Frame) and it looks very good! If you liked it, don't forget to vote for me for the contest! Hope you enjoyed it, any comment is welcome.

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