Introduction: Multi-purpose Room for Youth

This instructable is for all those young kids that want to make a very large project but don't have enough space. It is also for kids with annoying parents that always seem to bust your secrets and catch you playing video games. And finally, it is for kids that are lazy that just can't seem to get out of bed. This rooms solves three problems in ways that are simple enough to construct.

Step 1: Space Saving/hiding Part 1

This is for storing (or hiding, whichever one you would prefer to choose) things that you don't need at the moment, like bookshelves, closets, desks, and more. 
So the six red boxes on the top in a 3 by 2 grid are the things that you want to put away. The black strips and the blue spheres inside of them are conveyor belts. They move the boxes labeled A through F (the things you want to store) to hydraulic pumps, which move it down so you can use it.
On the third image, it labels the conveyor belts and the storage. Here is the path from storage to room:
Box A: To Conveyor belt 1, to 2, to 3, to 6 (hydraulic pump)
Box C: to C.B. 3 to 6
Box E: To C.B. 5, to 4, to 3, to 6
Box B: From C.B. 7, to 8, to 9, to 12 (hydraulic pump)
Box D: To C.B. 9 to 12
Box F: To C.B. 11, to 10, to 9, to 12
There is a ceiling under the conveyor belts, holding up the whole thing. 

Step 2: Space Saving

This is sort of space saving, but to save space for this one you need lots of space, so this is optional.
Hopefully you can recognize the bed. The blue strips and the spheres under it are... you guessed it! conveyor belts. So the bed moves to a hidden room blocked by a wall. A door, cleverly disguised as the wall, moves up to let the bed through. Then it goes down again to complete the effect.This is helpful to hide some things on your bed when someone is at the door.

Step 3: Food Conveyor

This is a food conveyor so the youth does not have to go downstairs to get pizza, for example. 
So The pizza delivery man inserts the pizza through an opening on the bottom floor. It goes on a conveyor belt to a hydraulic pump, which goes to another conveyor belt, which goes to an opening in the kids room, next to the bed. Easy!

Step 4: Chair That Moves for You

This is for those who just can't seem to get up in the morning. With this, youth don't have too! The gear on the bottom of the chair is powered by a motor. It can twist and turn so that it can move on the tracks (image 2). The controls to move it are on the right armrest:

Top button: to Hydraulic pump landing 1
Second to top button: to hydraulic pump 2
Second to bottom button: to bed
Bottom button: to door
remote control-shaped hole: for holding the remote control
the projector in the middle of the room can be controlled by the remote control.

the controls to get the objects in storage are controlled by the left armrest:
Top left button: leg recliner up
Top right button: leg recliner down
second to top button: Move Box A down (from the storage on top,remember?)
third to top button: Move box B down
third from bottom button: Move box C down
second from bottom: Move box D down
bottom button: Move box E down

Step 5: T.V./projector Hider

This is for hiding the T.V. and projector in case they broke it and needed to get rid of the evidence. this is how it works:
The T.V. moves into the wall. Then a screen that looks like the wall moves in front of it so no one can see it broken.
It is basically like the T.V. except it moves into the floor and not the wall. The projector is kind of like the display in Tony Stark's house he used when designing the Iron Man suits.

Step 6: Completed

Thank you for taking all your time and effort to read and understand what I have created for you. Thanks.
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