Introduction: How to Make a Mixer

This is a model of several mixers used in a kitchen, like Kitchenaid artisan stand mixer
that can cost 500 dollars, but out of basically cardboard and a motor, it can cost a little more than 3 dollars!

Step 1: Materials

You will need:
An electric motor, two wires which are bare at the end and a battery*
Something to cut cardboard with
Paint (For the one in the photo, you will need red, black and white.)
Optional: an on and off switch.

*Note: electricity can be dangerous, so be careful with the bare wires when connecting them with the battery. 

Step 2: Cutting the Cardboard

Head: Get the rectangle and tape the thirds on the edges at the top, so the ends look sort of like semi-circles. Attach the spinning part of the motor in the hole. Add the counterweight to the other end to compensate for the weight. Attach one wire to both of the electrodes on the motor. Trace both ends of the cardboard head and cut out both tracings. Tape both to each end. before you tape the one nearest to the motor, feed the wires through the holes and then tape it shut. After you finished painting, attach a battery and tape the ends together. 
Connection: Fold all the edges at 90 degrees. Tape parts A and B together. Then tape part C on top of B and D on the bottom of B. Optional: you might also want to cut rectangular slits on the back opposite the motor and on the bottom. If you push the connection part through the slits, it will hold better. 

Step 3: Cutting the Cardboard, Part 2

Bottom: Tape the doughnut-shaped pieces on top of each other, with the smallest one on the bottom. tape it so that the center of the circle is approximately  13 cm. from the end with nothing in it, and 12.5 cm. from either side. Tape the connection piece 7 cm. from the end and 11 cm. from either side.

To make the mixing bit, fold two strips 22 cm. in length and .5 cm in width into a rectangle. Fold so that  each long side of the rectangle is 7 cm. in length and the short side is 4 cm. in width. tape all around so the cardboard does not touch the thing you will mix. Do this again and put one rectangle inside the other so that it will look like the picture. Then get a piece of cardboard 4.5 in length, and 2.5 in width. Roll it up so that it is 4.5 cm. tall. Tape this well to the top of the two rectangles and to the spinner part of the motor, which should stick out of the bottom of the head. you could also use a metal bit from a real mixer.

Tape the connection piece right at the back of the head, as seen in the picture. 

Step 4: Painting

Paint whatever design you would like. be sure to not paint the end of the wires. For this design, you must paint red on one side, black on the other, and blue on the bottom.

Step 5: Finished!

Be sure to test it out sometime when you're making something that needs mixing.

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