Introduction: Multipurpose Reusable Can Holder

I call this my Multipurpose Reusable Can Holder. As stated in the name, this can has a various amount of purposes as it can be used to almost anything you please. One day as I was organizing my desk, from a distance it seemed very cluttered and disorganized. I had way too many random items scattered around my desk, and I needed to create something that was an inexpensive way to solve this issue. Thus, I decided to create this can holder that I later realized could be used for multiple purposes. For example, I can make it a plant holder, pen stand, candle holder, makeup brushes, and last but not least, in the kitchen for holding kitchen utensils (as I love to cook).

Step 1: Gather the Supplies:

Materials Required

  • 1 Can (such as a non-perishable food can)
  • Construction / Colored Paper
  • Glue
  • Decoration Tape
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Pencil

Materials (Optional)

  • Scratch Paper (to prevent the surface from being scratched or damaged)
  • Stones / Marbles / Tiles (replacement for construction paper)
  • Tacky Glue
  • Duct Tape / Expression Tape
  • Gems

Step 2: Getting the Strips Ready:

If you are not using stones, marbles, or tiles then using a ruler, measure, mark, and cut out a few 1/2 in. strips along the length of the colored paper. (You can make as many colored strips as you want, however, I just made two colors.)

Step 3: Making the Squares:

With your 1/2 in. strips of paper cut out, proceed to measure, mark, and cut them into equal 1/2 in. squares.

Step 4: Taping the Cans:

WIth your squares cut, take your decoration tape and tape two lines on either end of the can. (For a more precise wrap, measure the circumference of your can to get a perfect wrap with no tape overlapping.)

Step 5: Making the Middle Portion:

After you have taped the two ends with your decoration tape, measure, mark, and cut out the length between the two pieces of tape on the can on a piece of colored paper for the middle part of the can. (For a more precise cut, measure the circumference of your can to get a perfect wrap with no paper overlapping. With the circumference measured, this can be used as the length of a square accompanied by the measured width.)

Step 6: Cover the Middle Portion of the Can:

Next, spread an even coat of glue along the middle portion of the can. With your glue on the can, take the measured piece of colored / construction paper and cover the middle portion of the can. (Try your best to even out the paper on the can so it doesn't leave any creases or bumps.)

Let it dry for a few minutes.

Step 7: Paste the Squares:

Get the colored squares that we made earlier. For my design, I made a checkerboard pattern on my can, however you can make any design that you desire. Finally, glue them down. (To take it a step further, this is when you can glue down the stones, marbles, or titles if you have any.)

Step 8: Using the Gems (Optional):

Lastly, if you would like to take it a step even further, you can use gems to decorate the top and bottom portion of the can where you placed the tape. (This will give it a nice outline, adding a little bit more detail.)

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