Introduction: Mune Guardian of the Moon

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I decided to do Mune from Mune Guardian Of The Moon, It's a pretty silly movie but I liked it. What do you think of this look? Let me know! And please help support my work by subscribing at

Step 1: Sketch It Out

Using my white eyeliner I sketched out his face. He has VERY big eyes and a VERY little head. haha. This was a fun challenge.

Step 2: Dark Blue

Taking dark blue body paint (mine is from Mehron) I filled in the top of my nose and the bottom of my lip. I did fill in my bottom lip all the way because my lip was too big.

Step 3: Teal

I then took Teal body paint (mine again is from Mehron) and I filled in the rest of my face and lets the eye section clear.

Step 4: Nose Shadows

I used this dark teal eyeshadow to contour around the nose and make my nose look bigger by dragging the color farther away from the sides of my nose then I would normaly. I also added shadowing on the top of the dark blue and blended it up.

Step 5: Eye Base

I used white body paint (mine is from Mehron) to fill in the eye

Step 6: Dark Blue Detail

I used the dark blue body paint again to draw a line from the nose to the bottom lip.

Step 7: Highlights

I took a little white body paint and highlighted my forehead, nose, and upper lip area.

Step 8: DOTS

He has some fun dots around his nose, so I took NYX liquid liner in white and dotted around the nose. .

Step 9: Outline

I took that dark blue body paint again and outlined the eye, then I took some blue and outlined the bottom lip and blended it into the blue.

Step 10: Shadows

Taking very little black eyeshadow from Urban Decay called blackout I shadowed a little on the bottom lip and around the white of the eye.

Step 11: Rest of the Eye

I used that some dark blue to make the eye, then I used black to make the pupil, after that I used teal to add depth to the eye, then last I used white liquid liner to add some shine. Then I did all the same steps on the other eye.

Step 12: More Dots

I used some more of that white liquid liner to add more dots on the face.

Step 13: Black Out

I used black to black out the rest of my face I was not using.

Step 14: Body

His body is REALLY SMALL and SKINNY! haha. I used that same teal body paint to fill in the neck and body, and it's way smaller then my neck and body.

Step 15: Black

Then I used black to black out the rest of my body and neck .

Step 16: Shadows and Colors

I used a little green on the center of my chest, I used some of that black to add shadowing around the body, then i used that white liquid liner to add dots around the body.

Step 17: DONE

and this is the look. I did add some ears. I made them with foam. Haha. It's fun but it would not be good for walking around. What do you think?

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