My Endless Love With an Endless Card!



Introduction: My Endless Love With an Endless Card!

About: I'm a mom of 4 and I love to craft! Anything and Everything interests me and i love to create in the process of learning.

This is a lovely endless card that would make a lovely gift to anyone. Add little messages to read with a flick or make it into cute mini albums...of  loved ones. This card looks complicated...but is real simple to make...only the deco takes some thinking

Step 1: Materials

2 identical square cards
pictures ( if needed)

Step 2: Materials

For my example i took 2 square cards of different colors so you would understand better
I took 6 x 6 card
fold and cut in 2 so you would have 4    3" x6" cards
Now score all the cards 1.5" from the long side. Meaning the center of the long side is 3" take the ends and place on the mark and score. See picture
Keep the 2 purple cards the white card perpendicular to the purple and paste only on the corners....i have illustrated in the pictures the area to be pasted.
Turn over and check that you have pasted well with the center of both cards meeting. and the sides should be square.
That's it ! you are done!
The next step will show the steps of your cards when you flick it open.

Step 3: How It Unflolds

just open and open and open....and's endless! :-D

Step 4: Decor Ideas and Mini Album

decor ideas...
I've left the 1st decor idea for you to fill up with your special message...although I've left suggestions :-)

mini album---send a card  with snaps of memories... and end with endless love :-D

I'm sure grandma would love a card with all her grandchildren....she'll take it in her bag always!!!!

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