My Fake Shoe



Introduction: My Fake Shoe

Since my dog is always chewing my 200 Dollar Baseball shoes and then burying them.I made a fake shoes.I also put a Tile Slim in it and my 3 other fake shoes.So when it gets buried you can find it and then dig it up.Here is the link for the Tile slim "".

Step 1: The Base

First drag a cylinder out and have it measure 63 by 28 and have it be 12 tall.Next get a round roof and have it be 20 by 20 and 7 tall.Make it a hole and put it at the very end.Then group it together.Next get a wedge and have it measure 39 by 32 and 10 tall.Then put it at the very front and make it a hole.Then group it.

Step 2: Middle

Then get a half sphere and have it measure 28 by 63 and 10 tall.Then center it.Next get a round roof and have it measure 10 by 18 and 20 tall.Next turn it 90 degrees to the right and then 90 degrees backwards.Then put it on the back of the Shoe.Next make a box and have it measure 45 by 18 and 20 it a hole.Next group them together.Then have that round roof that you just cut be 33 by 26 and 16 tall.Next make it a hole.Then drag it to the front and group it together.Next get a round roof and have it measure 40 by 26 and 13 tall.Then make a box that is 20 by 37 and 48 tall.Then drag it to the middle of the round roof.Make the box a hole and then group the 2 together.Next make the round roof a hole and put it in the front.Then group it together and make it white.Then duplicate it and then make it 60 by 25 and 28 tall.Then center it and group it.Next get a round roof and rotate it 90 degrees to the left and then rotate it 90 degrees backwards.Then have it measure 20 by 14 and 20 tall.Next make it a hole and then put it in the sole and group it.

Step 3: Tile Slim

Next I stuck the tile slim inside a department that I made.You can make it any size you want and any shape.

Step 4: Testing

This worked my dog took the fake shoe buried it and then I found it easily.

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