Introduction: My Neighbourhood Map in Tinkercad

Hello Guys! Today I will tell you how to make your neighbourhood map. Making a map always comes in handy at a later date. So what are we waiting for? Let's start!!

Step 1: The Base

First, We have to make a base. Take a cube shape and drag it to the workplane. Flaten it down and increase the radius. Change the color to skin.

Step 2: Making the My House Text Block

In a map, your house marking should be very important. Make sure the text has been written with the text block.

Step 3: Making the Pathways

Use the scribble block to make curved path. Make as many as you want. It depends upon how many places of your surroundings would you like to show in the map.

Step 4: Adding Other Places

Now you can get the text block and type the places you want to show on the map. Make sure to place them on the point ends of the pathways.

Step 5: My Final Map

This my final map. Hope my steps are understandable and you like like it.

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