My Spirit Animal By: Kara Brinkley Age 8

Introduction: My Spirit Animal By: Kara Brinkley Age 8

What did you make?
I made a drawing of my spirit animal. I am like a kangaroo because I love to jump around all over the place. I also like to carry my stuff around in my backpack like a kangaroo carries stuff in its pouch.
How did you make it?
First I drew the kangaroo in pencil. Then I used water colors, crayons, and some markers to color it in. I like to use a lot of different materials in my art work.
Where did you make it?
It was the project of the week in the art room at the Boys and Girls Club.
What did you learn?
I learned to keep working hard and fill in all the white spaces on my drawings. They will look a lot better if they are all colored in instead of having lots of white spaces.

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