Introduction: NX Mount E Mount Universal Lens Adapter

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the IFA radiator tube slided over the E mount outer ring

Step 1: ​the IFA Radiator Tube Slided Over the Boty Mount Outer Ring

the IFA radiator tube slided over the NX mount outer ring

Step 2: Side View

side view of NX mount ex NX 3000

Step 3: Back Side View

fix the telescope lens with tube clip

mounted on metal base

the body is movable by the macro slider forth and back to adjust the subject distance

5m to infinity everything ...try it out

Step 4: Test Shot ! Windmill in 2000 Ft Distance

test shot ! windmill in 2000 ft distance

photographs by tom snapshot

shutter speed 1 /200 sec

f stop 1: 27

iso setting 640

camera mode manual

lens description 1440 mm lens

Step 5: ​Baby Good Night Moon Shots Result of Sleeping With This!

Baby good night moon shots result of sleeping with this!