Introduction: Nail Through Wood Pendant

This seems impossible, right? The screw is not modified in any way, it has not been bent not cut.
Keep reading to see how its done.

- Rectangularized wood(6cmX3cm, 2.5"X1.25")
- Sandpaper
- Screw(30mm, 1.25")
- Drill
- Drill bits(9mm, 3/8 inch)

Step 1: Tinkercad!

I have decided to try out cad to plan and see how everything will fit together.
I settled on two holes in a rectangular block.
The screw will be in between the two holes.
I got the screw from DasWonton.

Step 2: Marking + Drill

Using a marking knife, mark the hole locations, they are both 1.5 cm from the edges. Next, drill the holes with a backer board to prevent blowout.

Step 3: Break Your Hard Work!

Press a knife into the wood, twist the knife to split the wood. The grain should be in the widthwise direction for easier splitting.

Step 4: Screw's In

Screw the screw into the wood with a screwdriver.

Step 5: Sanding and Enjoying Your Hard Work.

Sand while the glue is still drying so that the sawdust will fill the gaps.
Enjoy your work!
Share your ideas, tips and improvements in the comments below.
Thanks for reading!

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