Introduction: Narnia Wardrobe & Winter Woods Diorama

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Inspired by the Chronicles of Narnia by C. S. Lewis & also Shazni's "Narnia Book Sculpture"

The cover photo is "looking through the wardrobe into Narnia, seeing the lamppost". The second cover photo is the lamppost itself lit with the installed flashlight, or LED light if you will.

Step 1: Supplies and Materials You'll Need

Supplies (Miscellaneous listing):

1. A large shoebox

2. Either another shoebox (smaller) or what I used, the box for a Lissi Baby Doll (my baby sister's)

3. A crayons box

4. Plenty of packing foam (the kind that messes your carpet if you shred it--it sticks to EVERYTHING)

5. The furry inside of boots

6. Two small, golden thumbtacks

7. Forest green burlap

8. Plastic mirror OR aluminum foil (preferably aluminum foil--plastic mirrors are tricky)

9. Toothpicks

10. Cotton balls

11. Russel Stover Cake Assortment tiny box

12. Black soft foam

13. Cardboard scraps

14. Phone packing foam

15. Brown, black and white nail polish or paint

16. "Paper Mate" pen

17. Aluminum foil cardboard tube

18. Adhesive one-sided foam

19. A plain white sheet of paper

20. A small flashlight


1. Clear tape

2. Scissors

3. Knife

4. Super Glue, Elmers Glue, or Liquid Cement

5. Disposable latex gloves (optional)

6. Black permanent marker

7. Cloth scissors (if necessary)

Step 2: The Wardrobe

I'm making the wardrobe illustrated in the books because the wardrobe in
the movie is much too difficult a task. It'll probably be a future instructable, but right now I'm focusing on this.

For starters, we take the crayon box. Leave one centimeter on both top and bottom so the rest can be used for the doors. Cut the top and bottom slits of the doors horizontally, but NOT THE SIDES.

Cut only a little slit on both the top and bottom of the sides, leaving an uncut piece of cardboard horizontally across the middle for both sides. That will work as the hinges.

Then cut in between the doors, opening them.

You can paint the wardrobe with either brown nail polish, or paint now. I used a bronzy nail polish.

To make the mirrors on the wardrobe's doors, either use plastic mirrors or aluminum foil, which you just glue to plastic. Although, the aluminum foil is easier. BE CAREFUL NOT TO LEAVE WRINKLES.

Cut the mirrors to size, then glue them closer to the hinges than to the door's opening, to make space for the door knobs.

Place adhesive foam behind the doors where the doorknobs will go. (They'll keep the doorknobs in place and restrain them from slipping out)

Puncture the golden thumbtacks (doorknobs) into the remaining space on the door, and through the adhesive foam.

Tadah! The wardrobe is done.

Step 3: The Fur Coats in the Wardrobe

This step is very simple. If you have winter boots you no longer use, take the inside which is usually very furry, and cut it out with cloth scissors. Cut the fur into two or three strips, then glue them to the inside of the wardrobe.

And you're done! If you don't have winter boots, or you do, but they don't have the furry inside, you can simply buy artificial fur. The color doesn't matter.

Step 4: The Fireplace

The fireplace in the empty room with the wardrobe isn't noticed, but it's necessary if you want a replica of the room. If you don't want to make this, which is quite simple, really, it is very understandable.

Take the Russel Stover box, and take the bottom part of the box, which should be white. Cut the black foam to the size of the box's backing, and glue it.

Color or paint the visible sides of the box black, and finally, cut the cardboard strips into smaller strips, gluing them to the bottom middle of the box, and that's it.

Step 5: Cutting Both Room and Winter Woods Entrance

Your wardrobe should have another cut-out rectangle in the back, and if it doesn't, please give it one, or Lucy won't find the portal to Narnia.

Measure or trace the back rectangle of the wardrobe, to it's designated wall in the room. Then cut out that rectangle. Tape the insides of the wardrobe, through the wall, onto the shoebox's outside.

Measure the rectangle again, and draw the frame on the side of the other shoebox, which you then cut out, making the entrance to the Winter Woods.

Step 6: Making the Ground and Background

The Background:

Take a normal, white sheet of paper and align it to the back of your box, then cut it. That will measure the width.

As for the length, the paper's original length fit perfectly into the box, but if yours doesn't, then you should probably measure what the length should be.

All you do now is tape or glue the paper to the back of the box.

The Ground:

All right, I now suggest you either use an apron or put on denim clothes, because this foam is SO clingy! Also, keep an eye on your tape, because the foam is lured to both the outside and inside. If you don't want any clinging to your hands, wear disposable gloves.

Take your packing foam and cut it to the height desired. To make the foam fit through the entrance of the winter woods, carve it so it slopes downward. Then you just glue it to the box's base.

Step 7: Making the Fir Trees

Cut a strip of tape about two inches or less, and take a toothpick, setting it in the middle of the tape's bottom.

Place the green burlap on the tape, starting from the bottom, up. The biggest pieces should go on the bottom first, then as you make your way up, the pieces should shrink.

Then you just set them in the foam however you want.

Step 8: Making the Lamppost Part 1: the Lamp's Post

This part is kind of tricky. (Wear the disposable gloves)

Take a Paper Mate pen, and with a knife, cut around the pen's head. Then take a piece of rubber and stick it in the pen to plug it.

To give it a sleek, black color, use your black nail polish, or paint, and paint it all around. You can stick it in a block of foam to help it dry faster. That will also help you not to get any of the paint on yourself.

Step 9: Making the Lamppost Part 2: the Lamp's Globe

To make the frame of the globe, I took four toothpicks and painted them black, sticking them in a block of foam to dry. Once the toothpicks dried, I taped them into the globe's shape. Then I took the phone packing foam and taped it into a cylinder, sticking it inside the frame, and taping it.

Step 10: Making the Lamppost Part 3: the Canopy, Assembling the Lamppost, and Putting It in Place

Take an aluminum foil's cardboard tube and cut about an inch of it. Paint on it the lamp's canopy, and the rest white.

Glue the lamp's post to the globe, and the canopy to the globe.

Stick the lamppost in the winter woods' foam, and then glue the canopy to the top of the box. I know, I know, there's a hole in the canopy, but that's the most important part.

Cut out a hole in the top of the box, right on top of the canopy, so the hole leads down into the lamppost.

Glue the small flashlight into the hole.

Congratulations, you're done!

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