Introduction: Neatly Storing Sewing Patterns

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Do you have a hard time getting patterns to fit back into that tiny little envelope? If you do, you are not alone. I am going to show you how I put my patterns away so they are easy to store and all the same size with the use of inexpensive 9x12 envelopes.

Step 1: Fold Your Pattern Pieces

Let's get started.

Fold your pattern pieces into a reasonable size that will fit inside of the 9x12 envelope.

Step 2: Prepare the Materials

Get the 9x12 envelope, paper scissors, and clear tape.

Step 3: Put You Pieces in the Envelope

Carefully place your pieces into the envelope. Be sure to check and make sure they are all there and that they did not scrunch up during the process of putting them in the envelope.

Step 4: Cut Apart Your Original Envelope

Cut along the folds of the original envelope on all three sides to separate the front from the back.

Step 5: Tape the Original Front to the Larger Envelope

Tape the front of the original pattern on the 9x12 envelope using clear tape.

Step 6: Tape the Original Back to the Larger Envelope

Tape the original back to the larger envelope using clear tape.

Step 7: All Done

Now all of your sewing patterns will be the same size and easy to get in and out of the envelope. Happy sewing!