Necklace With Origami Crane Pendant

Introduction: Necklace With Origami Crane Pendant

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In this instructable, I'm gonna tell you how to make this necklace.

Take a piece of origami paper ( mine was 4x4 cm).
Fold it into a crane. If you are having trouble with folding the small paper, fold the crane with another, bigger, paper first.
How to fold an origami crane

After folding the crane, you can easily pinch a piece of wire through the crane. You can do this best by adding the wire from bottom to top.
If you like, add a bead.

Now you can laque the paper so it's waterproof.
Let the laque dry.

Add a string, knot it at the right size and yournecklace with origami crane pendant is completed. Enjoy it :) 

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