Introduction: Needle Felted Ewok

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This cute ewok from Star Wars is easy and simple to make

Step 1: Materials


Sponge mat

Felting needle

Step 2: Steps for Body

Grab some wool and wrap in yarn
Get a pice of brown wool and start felting
Make sure the whole body is covered

Step 3: Making the Face

Grab some black wool and roll into 2 same sized balls
Make another ball of wool slightly bigger than the other two
Arrange on the body like shown on the photo
Felt until attached
Roll black wool in a tight strip and form lips under the nose
Felt until attached
Get a piece of white wool and roll into a ball
Snip it in half and place separated on the lips
Felt until both the teeth are attached

Step 4: Making the Wrap

You can use any color wool for the wrap
I chose tan
Roll the wool into a strip and felt on the sponge
Place around the face and felt
Add more around the edges and felt
Get some brown wool and roll the wool into two balls
Place on top of the head and felt until attached

Step 5: Results


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