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Okay! I decided to do a neon skull look and I'm very happy with how it looks! What do you think? be sure to subscribe to help support my art and keep me painting! <3

Step 1: Base

First I wanted an even base, I took a foundation and evenly placed it all over my face.

Step 2: Outline

Taking a white eyeliner (I always do this) I just mapped out the look I wanted.

Step 3: PINK

Using two pinks, one is from NYX (Hot Pink) and the other is from the Urban Decay Electric pallet I went over the white eyeliner. It was okay that it looked a little fuzzy.

Step 4: BLUE

Taking this blue shade from NYX (from the ultimate brights eye shadow pallet) I used that to fill in the teeth.

Step 5: Lines

Taking a white body paint from Wolf FXS I used that to add a white line around everything.


Taking more pink I used that to add a very pigmented line right up on the white line.

Step 7: Eyes

Taking NYX jumbo eye pencil in MILK I added that as a base. I then took the same pinks I was using and blended them into the crease of my eyes. After that I took the same blue and packed it on my lid, then blended it up into the pink making a purple-ish color. After that I did drag some of the pink on my lower lash line.

Step 8: Wing

I added a wing using the NYX white liquid liner.

Step 9: NOSE

I added a skull nose using the same steps only I did used a little bit of black eye shadow from Urban Decay called blackout to shade the inside of my nose.

Step 10: Eyebrows

Taking the same white body paint I filled in my eyebrows with it.

Step 11: LASH!

I just used my mascara then used my NYX jumbo pencil in black bean to fill in my water line.

Step 12: Forehead

I added more bone structure by using the same steps as before. I made sure to fill in the negative space with that blue.

Step 13: Body

I used teal body paint from Mehron very watered down to add drips of color going down my neck. I then took a light bubble gum pink color from Mehron to splatter around my chest.

Step 14: More Teal

I decided to add some teal body paint on top of all my blue, not covering it all just adding to it.

Step 15: DONE

And your done! WOO! Do you like it? =D

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