Introduction: Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush Into Cyberpunk Handgun

Im just gonna casually document the process of making a Nerf Rebelle blaster into a sci-fi cyberpunk-ish handgun. Now, the stuff we need for this project is:

1- Nerf Rebelle Pink Crush (in photo) or any other blaster

2- Tools;- screw driver, pliers, etc

3- Masking tape

4- Sand paper

5- Spray paint;- flat black, chrome silver, red

Step 1:

First step. You need to carefully disassemble the gun. Keep all the screws and small parts in a container. You dont want to lose any of those. Take photos for reference in case you forget which part goes where.

Step 2:

Sand down any surface of the shell. Remove the logos and warning text if you desire, which i did.

After that, i wash the shells with soap and dry them properly.

Step 3:

The base coat i used is flat black.
Next i sprayed the body with chrome silver. Since the body and grip can be detached, it makes it easier to spray without masking.

Step 4:

Reassemble the internals of the blaster according to the previously taken photo.
I sawed off the back of the priming rod because its not cool. I used a tiny screw and a square nut which i found in my tool box. That will do for the time being.

Step 5:

Next, i wanted a strip of red on the groove to make it look CP.

Using masking tape, i masked out the parts which i didnt wanna get the red on. Easy.

I also found a bigger hex nut that fits perfectly on the back of the priming rod.

Step 6:

Added some weathering all over except for the grip, which i pretend its some sorta futuristic scratch proof polymer finishing.

Using some permanent marker, i scribbled some katakana on it, because nothing says cyberpunk like some scribbled japanese character. LOL

Step 7:

So there... its done. Now i need a trench coat, mirror shades and a cybernetic arm.