Introduction: Nespresso Pod Pot Plant

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This plant is a cute little way to use old coffee pods, and uses a minimal amount of tools. Be careful cutting the metal, as the edges will be sharp.

If you need to know how to prepare Nespresso pods for using this way, please see my other instructable here

Step 1: Tools Needed

You will need

  1. 3 nespresso pods, cleaned out ready to use
  2. pliers
  3. awl
  4. scissors
  5. silicon glue - I have tried this with a glue gun, and it's doesn't really work.

The pods should be red, green and brown - this is important for the dirt and the leaves, although you could change the red one if you wanted.

Step 2: The Pot

This is so easy - just push the pod down onto a hard surface so that the bottom pushes in and it becomes flat. It's best to push on the flat edge with even pressure on both sides.

Step 3: Preparing the Brown Pod

Cut the edge off the brown pot - this will become the dirt and the stalk.

This is really easy as the metal is very thin.

Step 4: The Stalk

This is easy to do, but kind of hard to explain. Using the pliers, squeeze the sharp edge of the metal around the sturdier bit. In an ideal world you would hammer this, but the metal isn't strong enough for that. Bending the spare metal around makes the stalk stronger.

If you prefer, you can just use a piece of floristry wire.

Step 5: The Dirt

The point of this step is to make the brown bit fit upside down into the pot. To do this, you need to twist and roll the cut edge to make a sort of sphere, and then pinch it in more to create a 'point'.

When you think you've done it just check it fits and then take it out again. If you have trouble, just prise it out with a cocktail stick.

Step 6: Attaching the Dirt and the Stalk

Make a hole in the 'dirt' using the awl. Thread through the 'stalk'

Put some silicone glue on the end of the stalk and then pull it inside the dirt. Then put a bit more glue in the bottom of the pot.

Put the dirt back into the pot, and move the stalk around until the two dabs of glue meet. The stalk should stand upright.

Step 7: Preparing the Green Pod

Cut the edge of the green pod, and this time also cut off the bottom. Spread out the long bit of metal and flatten as much as possible.

Step 8: Cutting the Leaves

This is the bit where you might cut yourself, and is also fiddly. Cut as many leaf shapes out of the green metal as you can. I usually manage about 8. You can draw them first, but I tend to just cut them free-hand.

Step 9: Attaching the Leaves

Coat the stalk with silicone glue, leaving a small gap. I use this glue because it dries slowly, so you can move the leaf to the right position. It's also a bit 3D, so it makes the plant look fuller.

Attach the leaves randomly, and wherever you think it looks best.

Step 10: Finished Plant

And here it is finished, with and without flash.

The other photo shows another one I made, as well as a cactus, which is basically made by making a green pod into a similar shape to the dirt, and then poking holes in it.

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