Introduction: New Portable XBOX 360 With Monitor

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Hey Everyone!, Been a long time since I've published a project but here's something I have been messing around with. Taking apart an extra XBOX 360 slim console and making it portable!

Step 1: Mounting Monitor

First I took apart the monitor, took it down to its barebone parts. I then fitted to the top of the case.; once centering the monitor I marked holes on the back of the case to mount the monitor with 4 Nuts and Bolts.;

Step 2: Taking Apart the Xbox 360/Power Supply and Fitting It to the Case!

This was the easy part, finding a disassembly of your XBOX 360 can be done easily by googling it. Once it was taken apart I placed all the parts in the case in a way which i could still access the back on the console easily for running HDMI for a secondary moniter (TV). Cutting the CD drive hole was the toughest part. The CD drive was one of the only holes I had to cut from the case, Not needing the eject and power button because it can all be done from the controller. I then use Epoxy to glue down the PSU and Console (be generous with your glue people!). While that was drying I was cutting the Plexiglass to cover the PSU/Console. Then Cut holes for the fans I wanted to mount on the plexiglass.

Step 3: Almost Finished!

Once everything is fitted and mounted, I painted the plexiglass for the bottom and cut the trim of the monitor and painted that as well, and mounted the trim. adding the Final touches and it was done and ready to play and enjoy my hard work!