Introduction: New Knex Ball Lift: Video and Instructions (name Contest)

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This is my entry for the rods and connectors contest. Please take a look and vote for me (maybe B^))

Hey everybody!

For those who even remember me: I am back! For everybody else: I am Martijn (Martijnb95), nice to meet you!

Here you can see my latest knex lift. it does not have a name yet, so please suggest names in the comments :)

For the instructions part: The lift can be extended with a single path. Instructions for this part are also in here.

For this comeback design, as i call it, i tried for once to build something easy, so this should be good to follow.

Don't forget to vote in the knex contest! there are some good things there (and this one, hint, hint) ;P

Feel free to ask anything below in the comments.

Video below :)

Step 1: Count Your Parts

Before building this lift, make sure that you have enough parts to complete it. Here is a list of all the parts that I used



• green 79
• white 37
• blue 58
• yellow 20
• red 4


• grey 1 way 16
• orange 2 way 3
• red 3 way 27
• green 4 way 15
• yellow 5 way 49
• purple 4 way 36
• blue 7 way 16
• white 8 way 2
• hinge 3


• tan clip 4
• Y clip 10
• blue ring 5
• small wheel 6
• red gear 2
• blue gear 1
• motor 1

The way back

• green 12
• white 20
• blue15
• yellow 23
• red 9


• grey 1 way 2
• red 3 way 22
• green 4 way 4
• yellow 5 way 16
• purple 4 way 3
• blue 7 way 3
• white 8 way 7
• hinge 1


• Y clip 4

Total (lift+backtrack)

• green 91
• white 57
• blue 73
• yellow 43
• red 13


• grey 1 way 18
• orange 2 way 3
• red 3 way 49
• green 4 way 19
• yellow 5 way 65
• purple 4 way 39
• blue 7 way 19
• white 8 way 9

hinge 4


• tan clip 4
• Y clip 14
• blue ring 5
• small wheel 6
• red gear 2
• blue gear 1
• motor 1

Some of the parts can be replaced by others. use your creativity to find any nescessary substitutes!

Step 2: The Right Side

This is the right side of the lift. Don't forget to add 12 blue rods on the panel. they go in every connector pointing to the left.

Step 3: The Ball Holders

Build the parts shown on the second picture and add them to the right panel you just built. You want to put the red connectors on first and slide them all the way to the edge. then click on the yellow connectors on the same blue rods as the red connectors with the Y clip as shown in the 4th picture. The result should look like the 6th pic.

Step 4: The Main Moving Arm

Build 2 'snakes' and put them together with white rods. Don't forget to include the grey 1 way connectors in between!

Step 5: The Ball Movers

One of the most important parts of this lift: the movers!

First, you want to create the parts on the first picture, then, you can add them onto themain moving arm to complete. When you are done, attach the green connectors to the blue rods of the frame, as shown on the third pic. It should look like the last picture

Step 6: Completeing the Frame

Remember how you did the first part? This is almost the same, just mirrored.

The first and third foto's show what you need to build. After you got that, put first the loose pieces of foto 1 (first, yellow connector, then red connector) and then the left face of the frame together. This will connect all 12 blue rods from step 1.

Push both yellow and red connectors to the left end of the blue rods and your result should look like photo 4.

Step 7: The Counterweight

Just a small addition, but important enough to give it its own step. Add the wheels to the yellow rod, block it with clips and attach to the uppermost ball mover. the result should look like picture 3

Step 8: The Gearbox

Not too many gears, but a nescessary part.

Firstly, build the axles with the gears. You can start with the frame shown in the second photo. the configuration for the axles is shown in the annotations on pic 3.

Now, you can make the outside (pic 4) and attach it onto the gear frame.

Step 9: The Motorblock

Start by making the items on the 2nd to 4th photo. Then put them all together as shown on the pictures to get what is on picture 7. Now you can add it onto the gearbox, and finally onto the rest of the lift.

Step 10: Lift Done!

Congrats! you have just finished the lift! From step 11 and further, i will show you how to include a backtrack, so you can watch the balls go round and round. Note that this is optional. The model you have right now is fully working.

Also, i forgot to take a picture of this :/ any photo from one of you would be nice :)

Step 11: Some Substitutions

Before building the path, some substitutions and addons need to be made. They are shown on the first pic. the next few pics show where to put them.

Step 12: The Frame

That's not much at all! just make this, take 3 yellow rods and you are done :P

Step 13: The Return Track

Now you can use those substitutions! look at the pictures and you will make it to the end.

Step 14: Well Done! :D:D:D:D

Now add some of your favourite knex balls, turn on the motor and enjoy!

Don't forget to vote for the knex contest!

If you have any questions about this or any random topic, feel free to ask me in the comments below :D

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