Introduction: Newspaper Valentine's Ring

So valentine's day is almost there and for all the guys who just realized that, I would like to present you the cheapest and most last minute suitable gift ever.

This newspaper ring only needs materials which you can get almost for free or everybody has got at home anyway. And if your girlfriend is the type who appreciates some personal effort in building something special more than buying expensive jewelry as a valentine's gift, this is the best thing you can do.

Step 1: What You Need.

  • scissors
  • newspaper
  • some random round thing with the diameter of your girlfriends ring finger
    • Take another ring of her to measure the inner diameter so she doesn't get a clue about what you are doing.
    • I used a socket which had the exact same diameter as I needed.
  • rubber gloves
  • CA glue
  • utility knife
  • sandpaper

Step 2: Preparations.

Take some random article from a newspaper and cut some stripes slightly wider than the ring should be at the end.

Then take the socket or the random round thing you have chosen and wrap it into some tape to prevent the ring to completely stick to it. But it will stick to it anyway... I couldn't find a way to prevent it completely from sticking to it.

Step 3: Glueing.

ATTENTION: Wearing rubber gloves is mandatory for this step otherwise you will definitly stick your fingers together. Also make sure you do not inhale to much of the CA glue because it irritates lunges and also your eyes. Open windows or doing it outside is recommended.

Take a newspaper stripe and add some CA glue to it and start wraping it around the socket. Make sure to move it slightly around the socket while it is drying to prevent it from totally sticking to it. Wrap the stripes layer by layer around the socket and always add enough CA glue to it so it completely soaks through the newspaper and establishes a strong and durable connection between the layers. After some layers the ring is already strong enough to take it off the socket and you are able continue wraping it around without it. Add further layers till the ring has your desired thickness and it is strong enough to withstand daily wearing. Especially take care for the final layer which will be visible at the end. Choose a special article with some nice words in it and not one about war of financial stuff, which would be too depressing for a valentine's gift and wrap it carefully as the last layer onto the ring. Soak it into CA glue so it gets a shiny, smooth and evenly colored surface. Do the same with the inner side of the ring.

Step 4: Smoothing.

When the ring is dry after a couple of minutes you can get rid of those terrible rubber gloves and you can continue without them. Take your utility knife and carefully cut of the rough edges till the solid core of the ring appears. Afterwards take some fine sandpaper and sand it to a smooth surface. If there are any cavities in the ring fill them up with some extra CA glue and let it again carefully dry before you touch it again with your bare hands.

Step 5: Finished.

When it is finished you can make a nice box, maybe also out of newspaper, and give it to your beloved one.

I hope my girlfriend will like it when I give it to her tomorrow. :)

PS: If you liked this instructable, I would really appreciate your vote in the rings challenge!! Thanks. :D

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