Introduction: Pot Made of Recycled PVC

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Hi, this is a quick way to recycle a 4ft PVC pipe (leftover from a home repair), into a plant pot.

We need:

  1. A 4ft PVC pipe.
  2. 6 screws - 5/16in wide x 3/8in long
  3. 2 clamps 4 in, with double fixing point.
  4. 1 PVC cap - 4 in
  5. 1 Wood drill bit - 1/4 in
  6. 1 Jig saw.
  7. 1 Drill
  8. 1 Handsaw
  9. 4 anchors and screws - 1/4in.
  10. 1 Sheet of SandPaper
  11. 1 Level

Step 1: Mark and CUT

  1. We cut a piece of the electrical Tape, just for mark straight and about a Half of the pipe.
  2. Then we use the electrical tape to guide the Jig saw.
  3. The good news is that you can re-use the same piece of electrical tape to do the same on the other side.
  4. And just like that, we have the 2 halfs of the PVC pipe.

Step 2: CAPS

  1. We use a Handsaw to cut the caps in 2 halfs.
  2. Now, we have to use a little push to insert the screws.
  3. I didn´t use a PVC glue because i intended to leave a gap, so water could flow.

Step 3: Drainage

For drainage, we make a few holes in the bottom.

Now, we use the 1/4in drill bit. I recomend the wood drill bit, because of the sharp point, wich helps to hold it in place when we drill.

I used a "cap-meter", but you can make as much holes as you like.

Step 4: Mounting

Finally, we mount the first clamp to the wall.

Make a hole at a desired height, insert 1 anchor, present the clamp and fix it with 1 screw.

I recommed to use the level, mark the second fix point, to make sure it´s vertical.

Insert the PVC pipe, level it to make sure it´s Horizontal, and mark the other 2 fixing point of the other clamp.

Repeat it, with the other half.

Step 5: Filling With Soil.

Finally, we fill the plant pot with some soil.

I chose some cactus, because they don´t need to much care.

Step 6: Some More Advise...

I covered the soil with some white rocks; it reflects the sun (and the heat) to preserve the moist.

This advice improves the efficiency of design and aesthetics.

Hope you like it.

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