Introduction: Night Sky and Tree Silhouette Painting

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This is my favorite piece of art I have made so far, it great to hang up around the house and have the satisfaction of making it yourself. You don't have to be an experienced painter to make this, all you need is the materials required.

Step 1: Gathering Materials and Set-up

This painting is very simple and is something anyone could do. All the materials required can be found at a craft store. The materials needed for this project are the following:

white canvas



painter's tape

1-inch brush

quarter-inch brush

8th-inch brush

dry brush

acrylic paint:

dark blue

light blue




Find a place that is okay for painting, and put painter's tape along the edges of the canvas so you can go over the edge and not get paint on your surface. Fill the dimples in the palette 1/4 of the way with each of the colors of paint, and then you're all set!

Step 2: Painting the Background

The first thing to paint on this picture is the background. We need to paint this first because we don't want to be painting in the tiny spaces around the trees. Now for the colors, we will be doing purple which will fade into dark blue, which will fade into light blue. Make sure to start with long even strokes with your 1-inch brusch for each color and don't paint it on very thin. Have the colors fade into each other to make a smooth transition. Then take your dry brush and go over everything to blend it and smooth it out. For the stars, get a little roll of white paint on your 1-inch brush and lightly tap it against your fingers. That way you will end up with speckled white stars at random, and your night sky looking very beautiful.

Step 3: The Tree Silhouettes

This is the final step and it isn't too hard. I like to have a variety of trees, that way they don't all look the same. For the pine trees, I used my quarter-inch brush and just lightly pulled outwards while increasing the length with every stroke. The other trees were simple, just draw the trunk and branches, and dot it on the leaves with your 8th-inch brush. One thing you can do to touch it up a little is to sprinkle on a little bit of clear sparkle paint to make the stars shine. I hope you liked this instructable and are happy with your painting!

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