Introduction: Wood-burning Designs on a Circle of Wood

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In this Instructable I will teach you how to wood-burn an design onto a small circle of wood. If you would like you can also make it into a necklace or keychain by drilling a small hole in the top and inserting a strip of leather or a piece of string through the hole. You will be using a wood burner in this project which can get very hot, so be very cautious when using this tool. Follow the steps carefully for a good turn out.


wood burner


different tips for the wood burner depending on your design

small circle of wood

outlet to plug your wood burner into

Step 1: FInding the Design and Getting Ready

For me what was easiest was just printing off a picture from the internet that I wantted to wood burn, and then printing it out for me to look at. Before doing that though you should plug in the wood burner and put what tip you want in it so you can have that ready before you start drawing your design onto the wood. Make sure you have the right supplies before you start the project.

Step 2: Drawing Your Design

Once you have all the supplies you need and have picked out a design you want to wood burn you can go ahead and start drawing you design on the wood. I like to just free hand it and just do my best to make it look like the picture. Another option that doesn't work that well but still is possible is cutting out your design and then pressing it on to the wood with a flat tip for the wood burner.

Step 3: Wood Burning Your Design

In this step you will be using the woodburner. Make sure that it does not touch your skin and do not press it on the wood to long. Also make sure that if you are a student, please do it under adult supervision and make sure you are at a safe distance from others. When your tracing your design with the wood burner press until black for full effect. If your are pressing your design on the wood press until paper is brown and check on your design to make sure it is getting onto the wood.

NOTICE: If you are pressing your design onto the wood make sure you mirror it or it will turn out bacwards and use a flat point to go over the paper.

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