Introduction: Night Light Window Deco (No Wires or Cables- Child Safe)

This project is excellent for anyone who want to decorate their boring windows, but do not want to have any wires around the house for our kids' safety.

I bought these silicon butterflies night lights from my local dollar store. These night lights changes colour every 4 seconds.

Its button battery operated and it also has a safety screw that help keeps the battery secured. This feature is really awesome as it prevents my curious boy from pulling the battery out and accidentally swallowing them.

Step 1: What You Will Need

You will need the following:

* light weight night light (preferably silicon or soft plastic)

* a few small screw drivers

* a plier

* medium strength wires

* Suction hooks

Step 2: Making Holes on the 2 Upper Corners

Making 2holes on the 2 upper corners of the night light.

Step 3: Make a Semi Circle Hook With V Shaped Arches

Make a semi circle hook using wire and make 2 V shaped arch on both the edges, with sharp point facing out.

Why V shaped arched?

It will help to secure the wire on the inner edges by pinning itself on securely.

Step 4: Slide the Wire Thru the Holes

Slide the wire thru the hole, one at a time the V shaped arches will self secure on the inner edges.

The gorgeous DIY night lights with no wires and cables are done.

You can hook them on remove them easily for Christmas, Birthday parties or just simply lighting up your windows.

Happy decorating :)