Introduction: No Glue Valentines Boxes

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I had an hour to kill, so I though I might put together some valentines cardstock boxes. I wanted to make them 'no glue' as I tend to get PVA glue everywhere when I use it!

You could use these to put anything inside; sweets, messages, a ring!?!

Date Made: Feb 2014
Approx Cost: £1
Approx Time: 1 hour
Difficulty: Easy/Medium

Step 1: Things You Need

Materials You Need

* Card or Thick Paper (A4 or A3, coloured or not)
* Ribbon for box type 4

Tools You Need

* Computer/Printer
* Sharp Knife/Scissors
* A ruler for getting straight cuts
* Selotape or glue to fix down the templates

Step 2: Designs / Templates

I drew up my templates as approx 50mm square boxes. I used autocad as I am familiar with it, but this could be done with any program.

I have attached the pdfs for you to use and I have also attached my autocad file in case you want to resize, adjust or edit anything.

Note that the templates here are newer/updated versions compared to the ones I made - basically they have had corner wings added which you can cut off if you wish...

Step 3: Print, Cut & Fold

My pdfs have been designed to be printed on A3.

Once printed, they can however be orientated so that they can be used on an A4 piece of card.

The solid lines are generally cut lines (however there are a couple of exceptions as noted on each box type later).

These can be cut with scissors, a sharp knife or an electronic cutter. It would however be difficult to use scissors on the internal cuts as they are so small.

The dotted lines are fold lines.

Use the back of the knife or scissors to score the fold lines so that you get straight folds.

Step 4: Type 1

The hearts on this one feed through the slots in the adjacent wings. The solid lines under the hearts are not cut lines. I left those lines on just to define the heart. I drew these lines on to the card.

Step 5: Type 2

This type of box slots one half of the heart in to the other to lock them off.

I added wings to the latest template to close up the corners.

Step 6: Type 3

This type has slots in each lid section for the adjacent heart to be fed through to lock them all together.

I added wings to the latest template to close up the corners.

Step 7: Type 4

I covered this in hearts so that you can choose which hearts to cut out. I went with just the top ones, but you can pick and choose.

This type requires a ribbon to tie all the lid sections together.

I added wings to the latest template to close up the corners. You may have to trim these back so they aren't visible through any of the cut hearts (depending which ones you choose).

Step 8: Give the Gift of Love

You can put anything in them!

Like I said earlier, you can adapt these to fit your size and style. You may want to pick different bits from each box and combine them to make your own.

You may wish to decorate them also?

Hopefully these will give you some inspiration for your own boxes!

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