Introduction: No Mess Easy Scrambled Eggs

If you are the one who has to make breakfast after strenuous activity the previous day, you might be interested in this idea for making breakfast without a mess or a thought. It is idea for taking with you if you are going to camp or going to stay in a cabin with primitive cooking facilities. So while you have your running water, dishwasher and whatever convenience you are used to, prepare for breakfast the next day.

Step 1: In Your Kitchen Prepare

Assemble all of the supplies that you are going to need for everyone for breakfast the next day.

Using this system you can make custom tailored scrambled eggs for each individual. You can make one for the person who only wants an egg, salt, pepper and heat to cook it through to the person who wants everything and stops only at adding the kitchen sink, though in some cabins i have been in, I would have liked to have had my kitchen sink. Oh yes, pull out the eggs and plastic bags.

Some of the items that are popular with my crew are: cheese, bacon, cooked onion, and peppers but we have had friends travel with us that like other things as well. In addition the cheese can be cheddar, brie, harvarti and so on. The meat can be bacon, sausage (cut up), salami etc.

Taking the easiest combination, break an egg into a plastic bag. Add the salt and pepper, milk if wanted and pushing out as much air from the bag as you can, seal the bag and put it into a box or container in the frig with the person's name on an adhesive label.

Grab another plastic bag, break the egg (or two if that is what they want or if two people want the same egg type) into the bag, add the other ingredients, salt and pepper to taste, express the air, and seal the bags.

Step 2: When the Morning Comes

And everyone's appetite has been sharpened by the clean air and your strength has been sapped by the effort of getting to where you are, you need to rise to the occasion and feed the crew.

Using whatever heat you are working with, get the pan hot and find the egg package of the first person to appear. Pour the contents of the bag into the pan, stir to even out the ingredients and be prepared to serve it. As soon as the pan is cleared put in more butter and pour in the next person's packaged ingredients and so on. I also had sliced tomatoes and packed them in a plastic lidded container which went very nicely with the eggs.

Clean up amounts the to plates used, the pan and the plastic bags.

Trust me these eggs are delicious. I have also used this idea when I had a work crew renovating my building. My stove was working fine but there was no counter space and I had to assemble the bags on the dining room table but the next morning everyone appreciated the delicious breakfast.

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