Introduction: No-Sew 1920s Dress Costume

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I hope we all agree that some of the best and creative costumes out there are those that are handmade! - not ones from the rack of the local Superstore. Creative and best does not mean hard.

I love 1920's fashion but do not really love sewing. This easy no-sew dress is perfect! Using hot glue, old sweater, and pieces of fabric i created a cool and easy consume perfect for any party. It is warm and fun to wear. Gatsby or whatever - try this.

Step 1: Stuff You Will Need:

-Soft Stretchy Sweater

-Fabric (sort of rectangle shape and long enough to wrap around you once and a half)

-Hot glue + hot glue sticks


-pieces of lace and fabric to decorate the dress

Step 2: Making the Skirt

Fold your piece of fabric up, widthwise. The fold that forms will be the bottom edge of the dress. You can press with an iron it to make it real straight or leave as is for a puffy cloudy look. I left it as is.

Next hot glue two raw edges on the top together. Now we have a skirt formed.

Note: When you use glue gun do not apply hot glue in a thick line, simple dots of glue are sufficient.

Step 3: Attach the Skirt to the Sweater

It seems simple enough to just hot glue the skirt to the bottom of the sweater. Well I just did that the first time and of course could not put it on because it just would not go. It needed buttons or a zipper to fit, which of course I did not want to meddle with for a costume. To avoid this problem, ask someone is stretch the sweater as far as it can while you hot glue the skirt to the sweater. But when everyone is busy, like in my case, one must come up with an alternative solution. I used simple tape.

Turn sweater wrong side out. Lay the sweater on the table and use pieces of tape to hold the stretched bottom of the sweater in place. Work slowly and use as much hot glue as needed. Make sure you attach the top edge of the skirt to stretched bottom of the sweeter. Your skirt must also be wrong side out.

(Hot glue is serious, I was surprised how solid is my dress)

Now you are left with open side seams on the skirt of the dress. Hot glue it together. If you have a lot of skirt fabric left - cut it of and then glue the seam together.

Note: You are now working on the wrong side of the dress, so when you willl turn it out, no seams will be obvious.

Step 4: Decorate

Turn the dress to the right side and now decorate as you want. No rules here. Use hot glue to attach lace or whatever else you dream of putting there.

Find some inspirational 1920 dresses and see how they are decorated.

I attached a lace piece at the neck of the sweater and a piece of lace fabric attached at the shoulders. Also I added a tie out of the skirt fabric. You simply cut a long piece, fold in half, and glue at the neck.

You can also cut off the sweater sleeve if you want a sleeveless dress...

Step 5: Enjoy!!!

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