Introduction: Reversible Soft Pet Basket

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This really cozy soft basket warms up your little pet if you are lucky enough to have it. We have allergy in our home so a little softy cat will live in this warm bag until we will be able to get a real one.

Fits not only cat looking for a cozy cave but also puppies and small dogs.

Really easy to make as you will see, from a basic cross shape. The basket is reversible because all the sewing will be sandwiched between the two fabrics!

The "batting" is visible. It is made from an up cycled wool sweater. I am a not very experienced sewer so if I could do it and be proud of my little soft basket you could too! As a side note - make it any size you want.

Step 1: What Is Needed


Fabric - size depends on how large is your box.

Old sweater (or two)- size depends on the box.

USUAL sewing supplies such as:

sewing machine


sewing needle and thread

fabric pen

Step 2: Making Pattern

Cut off the sleeves and cut through the shoulders of the sweater to open it up like shown in the first photo.

Make a pattern. It is as simple as making a square. My square is 8 inches and the box is about the this size.The square will include seam allowance unless I note specifically where you need to add more.

This square is one side of the box. If you want a large basket make a larger square!

Step 3: Sweater Part

On the sweater, lay out the squares and add 1/2 inch seam allowance at one side. For one square add seam allowance all around. Cut the squares out. This basket needs 5 squares of sweater batting. Note that I used one sleeve for the 5th side.

The squares will be eventually sewed up to form a cross-this is why you need to add extra seam allowance

Step 4: Preparing Fabric

Now let's tackle the fabric. Fold lengthwise .

Step 5: Fabric Pattern

You will cut the pattern right on the fabric on the fold!

Fold the paper square in half aligning edges carefully. On the fabric trace the square as shown in the photos. Make sure you are doing this on the fabric fold.

Cut out. Please don't cut where the fold is.

Step 6: Fabric Part

Now open it up and you have it all cut out ready to be stitched up.

Step 7: Sewing Sweater Cross

But first lets sew the soft part. Pin one edge (the one you added 1/2 inch extra allowance) of the four squares to the fifth square. Sew each square to the bottom 5th square. Now you have the same cross shape as you have with the fabric!

With the sweater's right side together, align and sew up the sides to from a basket.

Step 8: Making Handles

To make the handles cut out two 2 by 6 inches rectangles. Lay wrong side up, fold two side to the middle and press with an iron. Fold and press the strip lengthwise again. Pin to hold, if needed.

Edge-stitch along its length. Repeat to make the second handle.

Step 9: Adding Handles

Pin handles upside down to the right side of the basket fabric on opposite sides. Make sure they are at the same spot on both sides. Baste in place.

Step 10: Sewing Up Fabric Basket

With fabric's right sides together, align, and pin the sides to form the basket. Sew the side seams to form the basket.

Step 11: Combining Both Baskets

Here right sides are together inside and wrong sides are what is outside.

Take the sweater basket with the wrong side turned outside and the fabric basket with the wrong side turned out.

Place the fabric basket inside the sweater basket. Make sure the handles are sandwiched inside between the right sides of both fabrics.

Step 12: Sew

Stitch around the top edge on three sides about 1/4 inch from the edge, leaving the fourth side for turning.

Step 13: Turn Out

Turn the basket right side out and and hand-stitch the open side by hand. I used pins to help me hold it together while I whipstitched.

Step 14: Let the Pet Decide What Side He Likes Best

The sweater part or the wool fabric part? I think the sweater part.

Thank you.

PS. If you make this project can you comment with a photo of your pet in the basket? I would love it.

Step 15:

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