Introduction: Noisy Package

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This package, designed to hold a poinsettia or plant, makes squeaky scratchy noises. The air holes and "This Side Up" labels encourage the recipients to think something else is in the box.

Step 1:

I used an mp3 player for sound reproduction/amplification.

A battery holder (3 AAA) provides power for the circuit. Positive goes to pin 1, negative to pin 7. Pin 7 is tied to pin 12--this causes the player to play and repeat the sound recorded on the mini sd card. The file placed on the sd card should be labeled 01.wav.

I used this speaker.

The speaker is connected to pins 6 and 8.

Step 2:

Using 3 mm screws, I attached the speaker to the 3d printed mounting holder. This is not a perfect fit, but I supplied the files anyway. The sound is quite loud and the speaker could be duct taped to the box and everything would work fine.

Step 3:

On/off is controlled by putting the batteries in/out (we're not talking high sophistication here).

Step 4:

To keep the plant and circuitry from crashing around into one another, I made a cardboard stand to hold the plant and the sound equipment. Duct tape is my mounting material.

Step 5:

Inside the box, it looks like this before the plant is added.

Step 6:

Run time is 8 to 10 hours, so it will work fine if you need to take a gag gift to a party.

Maybe you could change the labels to say "Live, This Side Up." No fibbing involved.